Our Employees

Frank, John, Kervin, and Charlie all play important roles and keep the business running smoothly. We are fortunate to have such honest, hardworking dedicated men. Without them Essington Avenue Used Auto Parts would not be what it is today.



The Sales Team

Nick Jr.
Nick Jr. came to Essington Avenue Auto Parts in 2011 after ten years spent in the United States Marine Corps. He joined the corps shortly after 9-11-01 where he did four combat tours as a Infantry Marine and two combat tours as a Recon Marine. He now runs day to day operations at the business. He is married to Catrina they have two daughters, Arrabella, and Charlotte
Sam came to Essington Avenue Auto Parts in 2005. She plays an important role by overseeing the entire inventory and bookkeeping. The business went through a tough time during 2007 when It was expanding and the office relocated. Sam played a pivotal role in seeing that the transition went smoothly, and our inventory was put online. She helps the business move forward with innovative ideas.

Nick Sr.
Nick Sr. is one of the original owners of Essington Avenue Auto Parts. He is a family man, married with four kids, three of which work for the company. Nick continues to set the bar high being a true example of a hard working, dedicated business owner.
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