When looking for used auto parts from a junkyard, it’s good to know what factors to consider before beginning your search. At Essington Avenue Used Auto Parts, we are a one-stop shop for all of your used auto parts in the Philadelphia area. We recommend you consider these three factors when buying used car parts for your vehicle.

3 Important Factors When Buying Used Auto Parts

1. Type of Junkyard

There are two types of junkyards that typically sell used car parts. You can choose from either a full-service junkyard or a u-pull-it junkyard. A full-service junkyard allows you to simply call the junkyard, order the part you need, and the staff pulls the part for you. With a u-pull-it salvage yard, you are responsible for searching through the vehicles themselves or through an inventory of pulled car parts and choosing the car part you need. A full-service salvage yard makes it easier to find used auto parts, but some people like to look for the auto parts themselves with a u-pull-it service.

2. Customer Service

Each salvage yard that sells used auto parts has a different set of customer service standards. With a full-service junkyard, all of the work is done for you. There is no need to dig through bins full of dirty car parts or try to dismantle a car engine on your own. When you visit a u-pull-it salvage yard, the managers may point you in the right direction or they may simply allow you to wander the junkyard and find the used car parts on your own. 

3. Type of Car Parts

While you can find any number of auto parts at a junkyard, there are some car parts that should be purchased new, such as belts, filters, and hoses. As long as the car part has not deteriorated, is not damaged, and is not full of rust, any other used auto part should be fine to purchase, such as engine parts, body parts, gauges, and electrical wiring.

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