While there may not appear to be many benefits of using a salvage yard, there most definitely are some positive ones to consider. Not only can you keep more money in your bank account, but you can also find some rare vehicle parts for your domestic, foreign, or older vehicle. At Essington Avenue Used Auto Parts, we are proud to serve the Reading, PA, area with our quality vehicles and amazing customer service. Learn more about the positive benefits of a salvage yard like Essington Avenue.

4 Benefits of Using a Salvage Yard

1. Low Prices

One of the most significant advantages of using a salvage yard is the low prices they offer. Not only can you buy used vehicle parts at very affordable prices, but at some junkyards, you can also purchase whole used cars. At Essington Avenue, both of these opportunities are available for our customers.

2. Domestic & Foreign Vehicles

Whether you own a domestic or foreign vehicle, many salvage yards regularly have both types of parts for sale. When our salvage yard receives a junk vehicle, we pull and catalog all parts that are in good condition. The odds of finding an affordable part for your foreign vehicle are typically greater than you might think.

3. Rare Vehicle Parts

Some of the salvage vehicles we receive at our junkyard are older cars that individuals are finally giving up. Maybe they’ve had these vehicles on their property for a while and are finally getting around to disposing of them. Perhaps they were going to try and restore them but just didn’t find the time. Whatever the reason, Essington routinely buys older vehicles. You may be surprised when you’re able to find that rare part you’ve been looking for all these years.

4. Eco-Friendly Business

Another amazing benefit of salvage yards is their eco-friendliness. Vehicles that sit in landfills only add to our environmental problems. By recycling old vehicle parts and selling used cars, we are helping the planet as well as your pocketbook.

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