If you have a vehicle that needs to be repaired, consider searching for the needed part at a local salvage yard rather than spending money on a new and expensive auto part. You can often find the part you need in like-new condition and at a fraction of the price. At Essington Avenue Used Auto Parts, we have a complete stock of various auto and truck parts from several different makes and models of vehicles. The four parts listed below are some of the most commonly used auto parts you can find at a salvage yard like Essington. 

4 Common Auto Parts You Can Find at a Junkyard

1. Radiator

If you have a cracked or leaking radiator, a salvage yard is a good place to begin looking for one a replacement. A car’s radiator monitors and regulates the temperature of your vehicle’s engine, preventing it from overheating. When damaged, coolant can’t reach the engine properly, causing it to overheat. If you have an engine that has been overheating for too long, it can cause serious, permanent, and very expensive damage.

2. Doors

When you’ve been in an accident and you need to replace one or more of your doors, a junkyard is a great place to look. You can often find the door you need and even if it’s not the right color, a body shop can paint it to match your current vehicle.

3. Battery

Batteries are another common vehicle part that often needs to be replaced. While not terribly expensive, a junkyard that sells auto parts will most likely have this common vehicle part available at a considerably lower price. 

4. Air Conditioning

If you’ve ever experienced a broken air conditioner during the summer in Philadelphia, then you know you never want to be without one in your vehicle again. There are several parts to an air conditioner that make it work effectively. The compressor, condenser, and expansion tube, to name a few, can often be found at your local salvage yard. 

Used Car Parts in Philadelphia

As a full-service junkyard in Philadelphia, Essington Avenue Used Auto Parts provides a wide selection of used car parts. Contact us today at (215) 492-5700 to find out if we have the part you’re looking for, or you can use our convenient online search portal. Along with our used car parts, we also stock used truck parts, sell used cars, and buy salvage cars.

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