You have most likely heard of salvage yards, also known as junkyards, but do you know exactly what they do or how they work? Each salvage yard is different and performs various services for automobile owners. Some only sell used intact auto repair parts while others will sell used auto parts that have been repaired. Then there are salvage yards, such as Essington Avenue Used Auto Parts, that sell whole intact cars, providing affordable transportation for those who need a quality used vehicle. Keep reading to learn more details about how salvage yards work.

How Do Salvage Yards Work?

What Does a Salvage Yard Do?

A salvage yard buys unwanted, used, or junk vehicles and either strips them of their working parts or keeps the vehicle completely intact. Any auto parts that are usable and in good working condition are added to the store’s used auto part inventory. Sometimes a salvage yard owner chooses to restore a vehicle to its like-new condition and sell it as a used car. 

How Are the Auto Parts Processed?

First, all liquids are drained from the car, such as coolant, oil, fuel, and other fluids. Next, the salvage yard team will remove various auto parts, typically beginning with the gas tank, tires, and battery. They will evaluate these parts and decide if they can be sold or if it’s better to recycle them instead. The same process goes for any other usable or retrievable parts in the car. Once all components are stripped from the vehicle, the body and frame can be sent off for recycling. Some junkyards choose to leave the parts in the vehicle allowing customers to retrieve them from the vehicle. Other salvage yards remove them, clean them up, repair them if needed, and store them in a secure and organized facility.

What Happens to Whole Cars?

There are some vehicles that are sold to salvage yards that are in fair enough condition to be sold as used cars. If these vehicles come with a title and need basic repairs to get them up and running, many salvage yards will restore them to a driveable condition and sell them on their salvage yard lot.

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