Are you a car owner in Philadelphia looking for ways to save money on auto parts? Essington Avenue Used Auto Parts‘ salvage yard is stocked with used and rebuilt car parts, just waiting to go home with you. Whether you’re doing an engine rebuild, replacing cosmetic parts, or something else, our salvage yard has unique products at unbeatable prices that will fit your budget. In this blog post, we’ll share the top five salvage auto parts to buy and tips and tricks for shopping for auto parts from our range of salvaged cars.

The Top 5 Salvage Auto Parts To Buy

1. Engines

Believe it or not, many engines in salvage yards still have plenty of shelf-life.

2. Transmissions

If you’re having transmission issues, a salvage yard could be your ticket to a high-quality replacement at a fraction of the cost of a new one.

3. Wheels

Wheels are often expensive to replace, but a salvage yard could have a set of high-quality wheels that fit your car perfectly.

4. Body Panels

If you’ve got a dented door or a rusty fender, a used panel from a salvage yard could be a great way to make your car look new again.

5. Seats

If your car’s seats look worse for wear, a salvage yard could have the perfect replacement to help make your car feel new again.

Tips for Inspecting Used Car Parts Before Purchase

If you’re in the market for used auto parts, ensuring you’re getting your money’s worth is essential. One way to do that is by inspecting the parts before purchasing. Before you start, ensure you understand the level of wear and tear for the specific parts you want. Check tires for tread wear, inspect brake damage or wear, and observe the engine to ensure no leaks or rust. Don’t be afraid to ask questions; always trust your gut instinct. You can ensure you’re making an intelligent investment with a little effort.

The Best Deals You Can Find at Essington Avenue

Essington Avenue Used Auto Parts in Philadelphia is a great place to start when shopping for salvage auto parts. Whether you’re looking for a complete engine, a bumper, or an alternator, we have what you need. You’ll find excellent deals on every part, plus expert advice from professionals who know precisely what they’re talking about. Search for parts online or call (215) 492-5700 for more information.