Car Parts without the Hassle

Are you looking to save money by fixing your car yourself? Maybe you’re fixing up an old vehicle and can’t find a dealership with the parts you’re looking for. Don’t waste grueling hours digging through junkyards when we could do the work for you. At Essington Avenue Used Auto Parts in Philadelphia, we are known as the prime spot to locate used car parts without the hassle. Call (215) 492-5700 today, and our staff will do its part to find you what you need.


Our Online Inventory

Rather than combing through salvage yards only to come up empty, we offer an online inventory search. This handy tool allows you to search the specific part you are looking for so you can ensure we have what you need before you stop by. Simply enter the year and model of your vehicle and the needed part.

Part-Pulling Process

If you decide to purchase a part from us, we’ll make sure you don’t have to lift a finger. We want to guarantee our customer’s satisfaction, which is why we allow them to view the part before it is pulled from the vehicle if they so choose. They can then wait in an air-conditioned waiting room while our team gets to work. We pride ourselves in a quick turnaround. If we don’t think we will be able to finish extracting the part that same day, we will set up a time for you to pick it up the very next day. We can also deliver the part to you directly to save you the time of a second trip.

Above and beyond Service

If we don’t have the part you’re looking for today, we will find a lot that does. Our inventory system can scan through thousands of salvage yards. Even if we don’t make a sale, our goal is to make sure our customers are able to find what they need. To experience outstanding customer service, contact Essington Avenue Used Auto Parts today at (215) 492-5700. One of our representatives will be happy to find you what you need so you can save time and money.