Salvage yards often have a bad reputation for being messy, junky, and all-around filthy. At Essington Avenue Used Auto Parts, we are not that type of junkyard. Along with having an organized inventory of used car and truck parts, and a clean lot made of rock and stone, we help people save money when they need to repair their car or find an affordable used truck to buy. Learn more about the three main ways we can help you save money on your used car or used truck parts.

3 Ways to Save Money by Using a Salvage Yard

1. Find Cheap Replacement Parts

Junkyards offer an incredible opportunity for you to find usable replacement parts at very affordable prices. Perhaps you are restoring an older truck that requires vintage parts that are no longer manufactured. Maybe you’re repairing your car on your own and need to find parts at a cheap price. You can search our online inventory for the part you need, or you can call us and we’ll see if we have the part in our lot. Either way, our salvage yard provides you with a way to save money on vehicle repairs.

2. Buy Affordable Vehicles to Restore 

If you’re looking for a used car, you can probably find an affordable one at a salvage yard. At Essington, we only buy whole vehicles, and not all of them are completely damaged. We are one of the largest salvage lots in the Allentown area and have a multitude of used cars from which to choose. Many of our vehicles are ready to drive off the lot and may only need minimal repairs.

3. Sell Your Used Vehicle

Not only can you save money by using a salvage yard, but you can make money, too. We buy junk cars and are willing to pay cash on the spot. If you have an older vehicle that’s been sitting on your property or in your garage, give us a call or email us. Once we have the basic information about your vehicle, such as its condition and estimated value, we will give you a firm quote. If you choose to sell, you can bring it to our lot, or we can pick it up. It really is that easy!

Save Money with Our Junkyard

To find the used car or used truck parts you need, contact Essington Avenue today by calling (215) 492-5700. We serve Allentown and the surrounding areas. Our friendly staff is ready to assist you however you need.

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