How Do I Find Used Parts for My Light or Heavy Duty Truck?

If you own an older Dodge pickup truck or a used dump truck, it can be extremely difficult to find parts when they break down. Thankfully, Essington Avenue Used Auto Parts carries a large inventory of vehicle parts for all types of trucks. From lightweight pickups to large Mack trucks, we’ll help you find the exact item you need with our organized auto part system.Search Our Online InventoryWe understand that your time is valuable. You don’t have all day or all weekend to search salvage yards across the Reading, PA, area. When it’s time to look for the specific truck part you need, visit our online inventory. The only information you will need is the year, make and model, and specific part. When you find the part you’ve been looking for, we’ll send a detailed picture so you can decide if you want it – before you make the drive … Continued

3 Questions to Ask Before Buying Used Truck Parts

When purchasing used truck parts, it’s nice to have valuable information ahead of time so you can make the best decision possible. The team at Essington Avenue Used Auto Parts desires to make these purchases simple and efficient for all of our customers. The next time you’re in our Philadelphia salvage shop, be sure to ask these three questions for optimal value.