If you own a heavy-duty truck, you’re probably on the road most of the day, making deliveries, towing heavy loads, or driving to construction sites. Like any vehicle, heavy-duty trucks also experience common problems like brake issues or tire damage. At Essington Avenue Used Auto Parts, we understand the frustration of dealing with the ordinary repairs that come along with owning or running a heavy-duty truck. Keep reading to learn more about these all-too-common heavy-duty truck repairs.

6 Common Heavy-Duty Truck Problems & Repairs (Part 1)

1. Brake Issues

If your heavy-duty truck carries substantial loads most of the time, you may notice issues with its brakes. Whether you discover something as minor as leaking brake fluid or as significant as complete brake failure, it’s time to have this essential system checked by a professional mechanic. Also, stay on top of any issues by scheduling brake maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer.

2. Clutch Failure

While some heavy-duty vehicles already have automatic transmissions, many still rely on manual transmissions. This means there’s certainly a chance of future problems with the clutch. Mishandling the clutch or overloading your heavy-duty truck can result in a damaged transmission. Prevent these types of problems by only loading the truck with items that do not exceed its towing weight capacity. Be aware of the weight you’re carrying, the road conditions, and the truck’s speed as these can also influence how you shift gears while driving.  

3. Starter Problems

If you hear clicking or grinding noises or the engine doesn’t turn over when you try to start your heavy-duty truck, this could be an indication of problems with the starter. A low-charge battery can be the culprit, so you may want to check the battery’s charge to see if that’s the issue. Problems with the starter are more likely to occur in cold temperatures as well. Winterizing your truck before the snow falls can help to prevent problems with the essential heavy-duty truck part.

Quality Heavy-Duty Truck Parts from Essington

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