Buying a used car doesn’t have to be a complex and confusing process. Knowing what systems to inspect, equipment to examine, and damage to watch for can make it that much easier. At Essington Avenue Used Auto Parts, we recommend carefully inspecting these areas before signing on the dotted line. 

What to Look for When Buying a Used Car

Vehicle Interior

Although you’re buying a used car or truck, you’re still paying thousands of dollars for a machine that will hopefully last several years. Take your time inspecting the vehicle’s interior, making sure these parts are in working order and looking for any signs of damage:

  • Seats and upholstery
  • Dashboard instruments and controls
  • Sound system
  • Air conditioning and heat
  • Trunk space

Engine & Components

Sitting in a clean and comfortable car is important, but only if that car is in working order. Dirt and dust are normal for engines in used vehicles, but broken hoses, split belts, and damaged parts shouldn’t be. Review these engine components, and don’t be afraid to ask questions regarding their condition:

  • Engine bay
  • Battery and built-in charge indicator
  • Drive belts
  • Fluid condition and levels, including the transmission fluid
  • Radiator, hoses, and coolant

Vehicle Exterior

Now that you’ve inspected the inside of the car and engine, it’s time to get a good look at the exterior. You’ll want to test all lights, including turn signals and brake lights, as well as their condition. Be sure to also check these exterior elements:

  • Tailpipe for residue and rust
  • Under the vehicle for oil drips or fluid leaks
  • CV joints, fuel tank, and floor pan

Choose Essington Avenue Today

Visit Essington Avenue today for affordable and quality used vehicles. We disclose all information regarding our used inventory, including condition, known accident history, and any known damage. You are more than welcome to inspect any vehicles and take them for a test drive too. Contact us today at (215) 492-5700. We also buy junk cars and sell used car and truck parts in Reading and all nearby locations.

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